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Review for Orico Soni Machado, Tour guide in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

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Review for Pedro Wright, Tour guide in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

About Ciudad del Este

Paraguay’s ‘City of the East’ is the country’s gateway to the eastern edge of South America, perched on the tri-nation join with Brazil and the Argentinian panhandle. However, it’s perhaps better seen as Brazil’s gateway to the west, because the traffic coming across the various border checks here is invariably made up of Brazilian shoppers eager to catch a bargain in one of Ciudad’s sprawling malls and marketplaces. Fed with pesos, dollars, euros and guaraní alike, these have boomed to excess, bursting with goods authentic as well as contraband, and travellers head straight to the busy strips of San Blas and Camilo Recalde to indulge their retail sensibilities.

While it is mostly about shopping here, Ciudad del Este tour guides will recommend crossing the Friendship Bridge for a view of the spectacular Iguazu Falls, or a night tour of the colossal Itaipu Dam, as it is progressively lit up to music to display it in all it’s grandeur.

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