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Dominic was very response to questions and assisted our group in exceeding our expectations while in Port Moresby.  More more right

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Had 4 days in port moresby where philip coordinated with his collegues to take us to the places we wished to visit . he was helpful & ... More more right

Review for Philip Batia

About Papua New Guinea

Known popularly as just “PNG”, Papua New Guinea has kept a stronghold on many an adventurer's imagination for years, often at the top of many travelers’ lists. Though its off-the-map status can prove to be challenging for some, its unrivalled natural beauty more than makes up for what it lacks in infrastructure. One need only look at the country’s national symbol, a prismatic bird of paradise with outstretched wings, to see what draws more and more visitors here each year.
Papua New Guinea is a wealthy island in Oceania that’s quickly catching up in terms of tourism. Cruise ships are now docking off its shores and the number of new hotels are soaring in the country’s capital of Port Moresby. With waters more diverse in fish and coral life than any other place on earth, over 30 world-class scuba sites are now accessible to pros and amateur divers alike. Exclusive resorts are flourishing on the tropical beaches of Rabaul, in the north offering in addition to diving, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing and bird watching. This travel guide to Papua New Guinea won’t waste anytime routing you elsewhere.

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