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Gustavo was an amazing guide. It is a unique experience to step inside the rain forest and hike to a waterfall, boat down the canal and onto Lake ... More more right

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About Panama City

Who wouldn’t want to go to Panama City? Visitors can enjoy the nearby beach culture of two different but equally breath-taking coastlines, climb mountains, explore a rainforest and enjoy the thriving metropolis of the city itself
The Panama City of today is a sophisticated urban centre replete with skyscrapers, an impressive arts scene and globally recognised dining.  A city tour includes a day spend at the Panama Canal; the Miraflores locks has a very interesting visitor centre, museum and a restaurant too.
While there are a large number of ex-pat Americans living in Panama City, many of Panamas indigenous tribes are still thriving and living in the traditional way of their ancestors. No trip to Panama City would be complete without a visit to the two historic sectors within this city; the ruins of the 16th century Panama “ Viejo” and the colourful historic Spanish colonial area“ Casco Viejo”, the latter a UNESCO World Heritage site. A Spanish speaking Panama tour guide would be helpful in exploring these areas, be it for a walking tour around Caso Viejo’s French and Spanish architecture, shopping for indigenous handicrafts, or blending in the lively nightlife best found at Amador Causeway.

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