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About Ram Allah

Ramallah is the economic and political hub of the Palestinian West Bank. The de facto capital of the PNA (the Palestinian National Authority) since 1990, the town has undergone a boom period. Foreign aid money and western investments have given rise to seemingly endless blocks of new apartments, and tall offices of the countless NGOs and charitable organisations that also make their home here. But despite the modern looks, Ramallah is actually an old town. Its roots can be seen in the remains of rock-cut Ottoman tombs in the nearby hills, while lichen-spotted graves bely a time when this town was predominantly Christian, not Muslim. The city centre of the city has operated as a sort of incubator for Palestinian art, boasting loads of boho cafes and trendy eateries where thinkers and activists coalesce. Get your Ramallah tour guide to show you around these streets that branch out around the Al Manara Square and its 4 iconic lions, before heading off to the mausoleum of Yasser Arafat; this is the city where the Palestinian leader spent his last few days.

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