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About Nablus

Hunkered down between the rugged, rocky peaks of Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal in the very heart of the Palestinian Territory on the West Bank, the city of Nablus has long been sought after for its enviable position. The Romans were the first to fortify it, while later everyone from the Ottomans to the Egyptians arrived, invariably seeking control of the Levant trade routes and the lucrative cotton mills, olive groves, fig plantations and soap factories that came to fuel the city's economy. Today, the outlines of Israeli military posts on the hills above town still belie the tactical importance of the place, while Nablus itself surges forward with its bustling stock exchange and university institutions. Visitors often love delving into the Old City area, where Nablus tour guides can help them navigate the narrow maze of stony streets, or haggle through the ancient souk in search of the finest-quality Nabulsi soap (a regional specialty). There are also numerous archaeological dig sites of biblical importance close by, from Samaria-Sebaste to 2,000-year-old Tell Balata.

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