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Review for Alina Giurgiu, Tour guide in Hebron, Palestine

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Review for Ttt Tanit Tours And Travel , Tour guide in Hebron, Palestine

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Review for Ramzi Sadi, Tour guide in Hebron, Palestine

About Hebron

Hebron’s astounding claim to historical fame is that it was the city in which Adam and Eve lived after their expulsion from the Garden of Eden.
Situated in the south of Bethlehem, Hebron is the burial place of Abraham, Al Khalil and is a spiritual mecca for followers of the Muslim, Christian and Jewish faiths. Nearby Beit Ilanim is believed to be where Abraham told Sarah she would bear a son and Masqobiya is said to be the location where Abraham told the angels to rest and eat.
Known as the City of the Patriarchs, Hebron is dominated by The Abraham Mosque in which the ‘patriarchs’ were laid to rest. While it is a revered place of religious worship and study, your Hebron tour guide will also unveil the city’s creative character, as it is known for it’s unique handcrafts such as pottery, leatherworks and glass. Consider picking up your souvenirs from a factory visit, where you can see exquisite blue glass and pottery being made from scratch and buy them at more economical prices than at the bustling Hebron market.

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