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Review for Alina Giurgiu, Tour guide in Bethlehem, Palestine

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Review for Petra Mountains Tours , Tour guide in Bethlehem, Palestine

We spent a day last week touring various locations in the West Bank (Beit Lechem (Bethlehem), al-Eizariya (Beit Anyah/Bethany), Mount Gerizim/Nablus) ... More more right

Review for Ramzi Sadi, Tour guide in Bethlehem, Palestine

About Bethlehem

The birthplace of Jesus Christ, the little town of Bethlehem is one of the holiest pilgrimage sites for Christendom. Nestled on the slopes south of Jerusalem where the earth is dry and arid, the sheep graze lazily in the Shepherds Fields. The white Jerusalem stone of The Church of the Nativity invites Christians from all over the world through her holy Door of Humility. 44 impressive columns running the length of the main hall with the sunlight dancing on the pillars from the high windows overwhelm one as you enter the church. In certain sections of the floor, one is able to see the magnificent mosaic floor – the intricate marble patterns in hues of brown, copper and beige. Your Bethlehem tour guide will also walk you across to the church of St Catherine connected by a small door. A few feet away lies The Grotto of the Nativity, a dimly lit cave with large stone tiled floors worn from age, where a star on the floor marks the birth spot of Jesus. The atmosphere is one of peace and calm and allows for introspection and prayer.

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