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About Palestine

For millennia Palestine has figured as one of the great cultural confluences on the planet; a melting pot of faith and creed that’s been moulded from invasions, worldly politics and perhaps, most pointedly, religious zeitgeist like no other.
At its very heart the sprawling cityscape of Jerusalem is a patchwork fabric weaved from some of the most holy sites in the entire world, from the majestic, gold-domed Temple on the Mount, to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, home to the garden of Golgotha, where Jesus is said to have spent his last hours on earth. 
Away from the cities, and Palestine’s backcountry is an alien world of wonders that’s riddled with ancient ruins and historic sights. Don’t miss the Byzantine city of Sebastia where the remnants of three of this region’s great civilisations still linger in the dust, the contrasting flavours of Ramallah, or, indeed the Mar Saba monastery high on the desert plateaus, a focal point for many of the country’s most dramatic hiking trails and biking routes. 
From the past to the present day allures, Palestine tour guides will endorse Hebron’s souk to pick out well crafted souvenirs, culminating in scrumptious middle eastern fare of falafel and mansaf washed down by an excellent specimen of local beer from the Taybeh brewery.

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