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About Pakistan

With a hostile geographical location and history of political instability, Pakistan seems to be overlooked for the hotspot tourist destination it is. Perhaps it’s this surrounding turmoil that has continued to keep Pakistan one of the region’s best-kept secrets. A culturally colorful nation, this South Asian country is rich in festivals, fairs, and folk shows. Beyond the cultural vibrancy, a rainbow of colors permeates through Pakistan’s vast and diverse geography. Seas, forests, deserts, and mountains offer lush green trees, glistening waterfalls and icy hilltops; the country’s natural landscape offers adventure and leisure in mass amounts.
A good Pakistan tour guide would suggest you try it all; a dip in Chitral’s hot springs, a shopping excursion through local bazaars, and a cosmopolitan night out provide a good sampling of itinerary activities for tourists. Once you see the sights, dive into their culture with a local family. Gracious hosts, Pakistanis welcome visitors to share in their company and cuisine; remember, less urban areas are more conservative so longer skirts or pants are advisable outside of big cities.   

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