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About Oman

Perched on the very tip of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is a country like no other. Its wild backcountry has only recently become vehicle-accessible, while its cities portray an authentic charm one could only expect of truly old metropolises and ancient towns.
The capital at Muscat is the most common first port of call for travellers arriving here. Most opt to do a drive-through sightseeing tour of the downtown, where a patchwork of mosques and ancient buildings await.
Other Oman tour guides recommend heading straight into the wilds of the country’s hinterland, where it’s possible to explore the desert plains of Al Dhahirah and Wusta one day, and the verdant valley ways of southern Dhofar the next. History buffs however should be sure to tick off the Nizwa and Bahla forts of the central region; formidable reminders of Oman’s advanced and unrivalled military building powers during the 16th and 17th centuries.
Also away from the city, the elusive and mysterious camel tribes of the endless Wahiba Sands offer one of the most intriguing glimpses into Oman’s nomadic roots, while a great many visitors choose to head to the coast, many for the turtle nesting spots around the Masirah Island, or the dramatic mountainside waters of Omani Musandam.

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