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16 Days Nature tour itinerary for argentina: Infuse In The Pristine Landscape Of Patagonia

El Calafate, San Pedro de Atacama, Puerto Natales City, Torres del Paine National Park

Nature Tour
Photography Tour
Camping Tour

See why Patagonia is a mystical land and nobody can argue that. Its landscape is much a homage to storytelling as it is to the place itself. The immense beauty of the region attracts dreamers, adventurers and explorers who delight in the tangled web of legends and myths.  According to legend, Patagonia used to be inhabited by giants. Truth is that it is home to the most amazing, wild and impressive landscapes one can imagine.

DAY 01

Reserva Laguna Nimez

  • Tag along with your Patagonia photography instructor/tour guide from the El Calafate Airport and drive to the hotel in the city.

  • Take rest or explore the city and visit Reserva Laguna Nimez for birds lovers.

  • Have dinner in a traditional restaurant in the evening. 

DAY 02

Laguna de Los Tres lake

  • Take the bus to El Chalten (no need to rent a car because you will be in the mountains for the next 5 days without road access).

  • Hike for 4 hours uphill flat to the first camping ground where you will stay 3 nights scouting for the best photography locations. You will wake up every day for sunrise, visit Laguna de Los Tres lake (its shores can offer us a memorable sunrise due to its looming “croissant-shaped” spires of the three granite peaks behind).

  • The trail is initially quite steep and passes through a forest containing yellow-flowered Calafate bushes, so you can literally taste the legend. 

DAY 03

Camp site

  • Wake up and visit Laguna de Los Tres lake and recce the area for stunning perspectives of the lakes and other feathered visitors which come at the lake. 

DAY 04

Camp Site

  • Wake up and visit Laguna de Los Tres lake and ensure that you have captured all you want from around the lake area. 

DAY 05

Dagostini camping

  • After sunrise and breakfast hike, 4 hours to Dagostini camping situated 15 min from Laguna Torre and the viewpoint of Cerro Torre (the world’s most controversial mountain and also the most talked-about history in the world of climbing).

DAY 06

Nestle in the LAndscapes

  • Immerse in the surrounding landscapes. 

DAY 07

El Chalten

  • After sunrise, hike to El Chalten. 

  • Take the bus back to El Calafate. As you can imagine, many stops along the way are a must and taking photos of all the places you find fit. 

DAY 08

Rest day

  • Rest and relax at your hotel. 

DAY 09

Torres del Paine National Park

  • Drive to the Torres del Paine National Park where you will spend the next 4 nights.

DAY 10

Laguna Amarga lake

  • Visit the Laguna Amarga lake (your beautiful portal towards the park).

DAY 11

Rio Paine waterfall

  • Be mesmerised by the Rio Paine waterfall. 

DAY 12

Cuernos del Paine & Lago Pehoe

  • Take a tour of the Cuernos del Paine (cuernos translates to horns from Spanish and it will all become clear once there)  and also to Lago Pehoe (this one will have you running for your cameras).

DAY 13

Puerto Natales

  • Return to the hotel in Puerto Natales.

  • Explore the shores of its beautiful Almte Montt golf and take a much-needed rest.

DAY 14

El Calafate

  • Return to El Calafate (with a few stops here and there).

DAY 15

Perito Moreno

  • Visit the glacier Perito Moreno where the tour ends. The unbelievable sight of this wonderful glacier. So massive makes one feel so small in this world. And that’s knowing this is one of the smaller glaciers here. 

  • The magnitude and sublimity of the Perito Moreno Glacier will make you reflect on your path here and, how the planet needs to protect.

DAY 16


  • Depart from El Calafate Airport towards home. 

  • 2550 USD Per Adult
  • Ground transportation.

  • All necessary permits.

  • Accommodation.

  • Photo instructions.

  • Meals/snacks/drinks.

  • Flights.

  • Travel insurance.

  • Visa fees.

  • There will be 8 nights at hotels and 7 nights at camping sites.

  • During 5 days of camping out of the 7, you won’t have any mobile network so no connection to the outside world.

  • Everybody will have to carry their own food (dry food recommended). In Patagonia, it is safe to drink water from the streams and rivers. However, for the more sensitive ones, it is recommended to bring your own water purifier. 

A note from your tour guide:

  • A vast area of nothing but untouched brute nature, turquoise glacial lakes and glaciers, granite spires, majestic mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, imposing trees, crazy beautiful autumn colours, and a generous variety of wildlife is what this gem of a place is really home to. 

  • The Calafate berry is said to grant mystical powers for those who eat it, ensuring their return to this land of magic. How the guide sees Patagonia is as a place of self-discovery, a place that allows one to connect with nature in the purest, most honest way. If you are interested in becoming part of the team being built to share this amazing experience with, then you are kindly advised to read further into the details of what daily activities would be.

El Calafate, San Pedro de Atacama, Puerto Natales City, Torres del Paine National Park

Nature Tour
Photography Tour
Camping Tour

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