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Nigeria is a multicultural explosion of everything Africa stands for. Get a local guide from tourHQ to uncover its electric cityscapes and wild, primate-dotted safari parks alike.

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Sprawling ports and shanty towns, shimmering high-rises and booming business ventures make up Lagos; Africa’s single largest metropolis and a chaotic intro to Nigeria. Get a tourHQ guide to show you around.

Explore the list of top ranked local tour guides in Abuja. Get tour activities offered by tour companies and independent travel guides in Abuja.

Calabar Tour guides from tourHQ can reveal dark slave trading stories and wild jungles rich with gorillas at this old Nigerian port city.

Explore the list of top ranked local tour guides in Ibadan. Get tour activities offered by tour companies and independent travel guides in Ibadan.

Explore the list of top ranked local tour guides in Benin. Get tour activities offered by tour companies and independent travel guides in Benin.

Explore the list of top ranked local tour guides in Kano. Get tour activities offered by tour companies and independent travel guides in Kano.

Explore the list of top ranked local tour guides in Port Harcourt. Get tour activities offered by tour companies and independent travel guides in Port Harcourt.

Explore the list of top ranked local tour guides in Abeokuta. Get tour activities offered by tour companies and independent travel guides in Abeokuta.

Explore the list of top ranked local tour guides in Kaduna. Get tour activities offered by tour companies and independent travel guides in Kaduna.

Explore the list of top ranked local tour guides in Enugu. Get tour activities offered by tour companies and independent travel guides in Enugu.

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1 Day

Get an experience that will last for a long time with a lasting positive impression of Nigeria in perspective. Go on an exotic one-day tour with a knowledgeable tour guide to discover the cobbled lanes and picturesque structures of this town.

250.00 USD USD

From USD 250.00 Per Group


1 Day

Immerse yourself in the revelation and knowledge of one of the biggest slave ports/markets in Africa between 1736 and 1851. Walk through the historical sites and learn about the stories of the freedom fighters and their struggle and how slavery was stopped in Nigeria with this full-day tour to ...

455.00 USD USD

From USD 455.00 Per Group


10 Hours

Discover Anuradhapura and Mihintale on this tour from Habarana. Accompanied by the Anuradhapura tour guide, explore cultural sites in Anuradhapura, including Sri Maha Bodhi and Thuparamaya

From USD 24 Per Person
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1 Day

Travel back into the dark history of this Nigerian city which was formerly a slave port. The origin of Badagry could be traced back to the period when people lived along the Coast of Gberefu and, this area later gave birth to the town of Badagry. Badagry – the 2nd largest commercial town in ...

From USD 300.00 per person


8 Hours

Discover the beauty and history of the fastest-growing Nigerian city on this 8-hour guided tour. Visit the Botanical Garden Sarius Palmetum, which have been grown for the beautification of the city. Explore the marvellous waterparks such as Magic Land Recreational Park, Julius Berger Waterfront ...

From USD 150.00 per person

Benin & Lagos

12 Days

Explore the slave trails and routes in the African cities and see the Agia tree where Christianity was first preached. visit the top museums and churches in Benin. Also, discover Ouidah, the birthplace of Voodoo and explore the akodesewa fetish market in Togo. Enjoy the hospitality of Ghana whilst ...

From USD 1900.00 per group

Dar es Salaam, Kigoma & Gombe

4 Days

Head to Kigoma and Gome on this 4-day guided tour. Visit the popular Doctor Livingstone Museum Memorial. Explore the culture and tradition of the Waha people and swim in the crystal clear water of Lake Tanganyika. See playful chimpanzees and go to the beautiful Kakombe waterfall.

From USD 1445.00 per person


4 Hours

Go for a 4-hour musical performance to enjoy an evening filled with true African music. Witness the flavorful melodies of various instruments, the chorus of Nigerian (Naija) lyrics, and popular local dances across Africa in the evening.

From USD 300.00 per group


6 Hours

Visit this laid-back, historic town in Nigeria and enjoy the rustic coconut trees. Learn about the slave trade movement that thrived in the coastal town of Badagry and stop by the Souvenir Market for shopping.

From USD 580.00 per group


5 Hours

Experience the scenic waterways of Lagos Island as you cruise across the waters to a bohemian resort on Ilashe beach, one of the many islands dotting the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy a quiet walk on a private beach and soak up the sun rays.

From USD 1200.00 per group


4 Hours

Head to Nigeria's popular city Lagos on this four-hour guided tour. Indulge in various cultural activities such as participating in dance and designing fabrics. Experience the true African heritage as you learn about the history behind the splendid African pieces while you are here.

From USD 350.00 per group


4 Hours

Experience the peace of nature away from this bustling city where the natural greenery protects the animals. Embark on the wooden walkways and walk over natural swamps, spot birds, monkeys, turtles, peacocks, alligators and many more animals during your hike across the reserve.

From USD 350.00 per group


4 Hours

Learn about the controversial history of Nigeria on this 4-hour guided tour. Get an opportunity to visit the remarkable National Museum and Kalakuta Museum in Lagos and gain insight into the country's past. Explore the splendid Freedom Park, a memorial and leisure park area in the middle of ...

From USD 400.00 per group


9 Hours

Enjoy the peace of the city, discover some hidden tourist attraction centres. Known for a rock outcrop of traditional activities, wide freeways, craft centres and boasting parks amongst others, the Capital City of Nigeria and seat of Government is a treat to visit.

From USD 200 per group

Enugu & Calabar

4 Days

Perform activities like mountain climbing, trekking, backpacking, etc. on this 4-day tour of Obudu, Calabar. It is an awesome opportunity to explore & appreciate the fascinating natural beauty of Nigeria, complemented by an amazing backdrop. 

From USD 700.00 per person


9 Days

Explore the Nigeria's largest city mainland and the island, explore the commercial capital of Benin Republic and visit the village on stilt. Head to Togo to see the fetish market and embark on a boat journey on lake Togoville. Drive to Ghana to have a hands-on experience on drumming ...

From USD 2732 per group
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I am a private tour guide and tour director. It might be your first time thinking to visit Ghana, ...


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I have a master's degree in Tourism and Development from the University of Ibadan. I have acquired ...

Specialist in Guiding at all areas with primates, Gombe, mahale, bwindi kenya and rwanda

Hello, I am a native Nigerian guide, passioned by the culture and the wonderful landscapes of my ...

I am an  Agricultural graduate which inpires me in the green areas of Nigeria especially in ...

Im good in Transportation and Information base on  purposes. I can provide suitable ...

ibomtourism provides travel information, tips, tourist attractions, hotel accommodation etc. We aim ...

Focused, energetic and customer friendly. loves to learn on the job.

I’m a highly driven individual with extensive management experience acquired principally in the ...

 I am a private tour guide who is your best bet for adventure. I speak the three major ...

my name is Kingsley akpan.I am the tour director of Kay&el travel and agency channelled ...

I love showing off the beauty in Nigeria's diversity, her culture, her people, her music, her food, ...

Toba, a Born and Bread in Africa, I am proudly African, speaking french, Spanish and English and ...

Hi, I understand that you are looking for a unique experience in Nigeria and a knowledgeable guide ...

I am passionate, simple and energetic.

Jimi by name popularly knows as Jimiwick! I love adventure, traveling, and very social ...

I would like to tell you a bit more about me and my tours. Booking my tours these are services ...

I’m a native-born Nigeria 30 years old.I live in Lagos Nigeria.I am a certified ...

I'm an applied artist and a master of crafts,as well as a Local tour guide,I started my touring ...

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