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Review for Alexander Rybin, Tour guide in Managua, Nicaragua

About Managua

Nicaragua’s capital is as resilient as it is interesting. Between the political upheavals of the 20th century and destructive earthquakes in both 1931 and 1972, it’s perhaps a wonder that there’s much to do and see. But there is.
From the sunny avenues to the sprawling barrios, Managua is a cascade of greenery and cultivation. Plants ooze from roadside cracks like living and breathing aspects of the city itself, while in the absence of both high-rise business and any real city centre this is a place with a character that’s truly difficult to pin down.
Plaza de la Revolución forms the focus of Mangua’s old historic center, which lays neatly alongside the shores of Lake Xolotlan; a favourite local lazing spot that’s crowned with the formidable silhouette of Momotombo Volcano to the north. Nearby, the National Palace of Culture is home to the country’s rich collection of historical artefacts and artistic heritage, and definitely worth a visit.
Even if you only come to sample the super-tasty Quesillo tortillas or the local beers, the melting pot of cultural energy, hedonistic nightlife and startling natural beauty that is the real backbone to Managua is sure to suck you in.

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