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Edgard is simply the best!  Very knowledgeable, trustworthy, safe, prompt and best of all, a genuine and kind gentleman.  He takes great pride in ... More more right

Review for Edgard Gomez Colomer, Tour guide in Leon, Nicaragua

About Leon

Leon is a city of volcanoes. It was built on the ruins of the first city of Leon, Leon Viejo city that was destroyed by the volcano Momotombito in 1610.  The latter is part of the Maribios Mountain range and so is the popular Cerro Negro, a younger volcano that is a good venue for snowboarding in addition to having spectacular views. Leon city is easily accessible by foot, if you’re okay with the heat that is.   Walk around with your Leon tour guide to discover museums, art galleries, colourful colonial architecture and churches. Stop by to marvel at León Cathedral, the biggest cathedral in Central America and join the local community in offering prayers at Iglesia de San Juan Bautista de Subtiava one of the oldest colonial churches in the town. Fundacion Ortiz is a wonderful collection of European artists and offers a stunning collection of Latin American art. After an enriching day of sightseeing, let off some steam at the beach towns of Poneloya and Las Penitas or conversely, drive the temperature further up by immersing yourself in hot springs of San Janito.   Food courts and hostels for accommodation make Leon is a hospitable city for the budget friendly traveller.  Visitors with deeper pockets, do visit one of the many pubs or restaurants that have been opened at a converted church or colonial house for a culturally enhanced gastronomic experience. 

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