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Edgard is simply the best!  Very knowledgeable, trustworthy, safe, prompt and best of all, a genuine and kind gentleman.  He takes great pride in ... More more right

Review for Edgard Gomez Colomer, Tour guide in Granada, Nicaragua

About Granada

The beautiful patchwork of Moorish architecture and authentic Andalusian charm that dominates it makes Granada, a true relic of the colonial New World one of the real historical gems of South America. The city’s proud epithet – ‘La Gran Sultana’ – honours its colonial mother-town on the Med, while the character of continental Europe is evident in every nook and cranny of it’s downtown.
Officially the oldest Spanish city in Latin America, Granada’s founding took place in 1524, when exploring conquistadores designated it as one of the major trading hubs on Lake Nicaragua. Ask your Granada tour guide for a synopsis of this ancient city’s history, and you will be told how Granada has seen its fair share of turmoil from repeated pirate raids throughout the 17th century, to feeling the brunt of Nicaragua’s civil war in the middle of the 19th.
But, from the magnificent Moorish churches of Granada’s centre, to the enticing beaches and volcano-supported islands on the scenic lake, this city is famed for its healthy vigoron (a dish made from fried cabbage and roast pork), great cigars and lively local character; a veritable ‘must see’ for every would-be visitor. 

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