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About Nicaragua

One trip to Nicaragua makes it easy to understand why the country’s tourism rate is dramatically increasing every year. The nation’s natural beauty is only matched by its’ radiant spirit, and both are equal attractions for those visiting this South American land. Colonial cities of Grenada and Leon are the cultural heartbeat of Nicaragua, but just the tip of its’ tourism draw. The Pacific coast’s mountainous coffee plantations and volcanic hiking trails appeal to the adventurers, with unmatchable levels of beauty and exhilaration. Alongside, the country’s Caribbean coast is as relaxingly lush as one could dream it to be.
As your Nicaragua tour guide will point out, the country is extremely budget friendly; whether indulging in high quality luxury or adventurous exploration, the financial strain of this vacation is minimal. Despite the growing number of bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels opening in Nicaraguan cities, living and visiting continues to be inexpensive. Meanwhile, beachside surfer communities, rural coffee plantations, and dense jungle regions all remain enticing tourist destinations with equal blends of individual exoticism and authentic Nicaraguan energy. 

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