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About Auckland

Bustling, thriving, forward-thinking, modern Auckland retains very few traces of its early Maori roots, save that it’s still noticeably subordinate to the grand and imposing natural topography and wonders that surround it. Consequently, it’s a town where hipster jazz joints and high-rise big business still clamber on the sides of volcanic mounts, and rugged North Island beaches lay just a stone’s throw from the streets themselves.
Today, the CBD pumps with the sleepless energy of corporation and commerce, an interesting introduction to New Zealand’s business powerhouse in the north. But, most head straight for stylish Ponsonby, where a hubbub of cool bars, live music lounges and wild nightclubs cluster around the streets and Karangahape Road. Unquestionably the place to be for café-culture here, eager travellers should be sure to ask their Auckland tour guide for local tips or favourite places.
For shoppers and laid-back city lovers, Auckland also boasts an array of suburban enclaves with a real cascade of character: Parnell offers high-fashion shopping and Newmarket some of the city’s best underground clubs, while Mission Bay is further away, proudly affluent and far more exclusive in its presentation of fine-dining and boutique accommodation.

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