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About New Zealand

Between the majestic snow-capped peaks of the rugged Southern Alps, the colossal, shimmering lakes at Wakatipu, Taupo and Pukaki, the steaming volcanic pools that bubble and swell on the banks of Mount Ruapehu, the glistening South Pacific surfing beaches of the Coromandel and the countryside charms of Otago and Canterbury in the south, it’s easy to see why this land of mountains, pastures, beaches, forests and cliffs is continually hailed as one of the most naturally beautiful on the planet.
Of course, this makes for one of the best outdoorsy destinations on offer too, and anyone interested in getting the adrenaline pumping here should be sure to ask their New Zealand tourist guide about the high-energy pursuits that abound from north to south; from bungee jumping the creeks of Queenstown, or rafting your way through Otago’s gushing mountain river ways, to carving the powdery snow in one of the many sprawling ski fields of The Remarkables or Kaikoura.
But let’s not forget the cities either. There’s Christchurch, the phoenix in the flames, rising in swathes of parks and coastal hills from the destructive earthquakes of its past. There’s Auckland—swish, stylish and partying hard. Oh, and then the capital at Wellington, alive with theatres, galleries and mouth-watering eateries laden with New Zealand steaks and seafood to boot.

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