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About New Caledonia

New Caledonia is the tropical paradise you’ve never heard of! It’s a finger of swaying coconut palms with beaches so white they seem like mirrors under the sun, and shore waters that glisten and glimmer in hues of cerulean blue and aquamarine, coloured in by jungles and pockets of spear-like evergreens burst in moss-green in Grande Terre – the largest of the French exclave’s islands.

The UNESCO-attested bio reserve is heralded by New Caledonia tour guides as the biggest draw in the archipelago, and sea kayakers and scuba divers hit the great Caledonian barrier reef around the lagoon to treat themselves to colourful bursts of corals and tropical fish. Others hit the trails that weave between the agate-coloured hills of the southern reaches, or delve into the forests to see giant pigeons and agile kaguses; just a glimpse of the islands’ wealth of bird life and unusual fauna. Then there are the beachside cafes and restaurants, serving up dishes based on the uber-fresh fruits and earthy flavors of the South Pacific, topped off with just a dash of French refinement and flair.

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