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About Netherlands

One of the old bastions of imperial Europe and one of the continent’s most forward-thinking political players, the kingdom of the Netherlands epitomises the Low Country character in all its facets; from the iconic swathes of windmill-dotted farms, to the buzzing techno port cities and quaint medieval towns that riddle its blooming backcountry.
At its heart, the city of Amsterdam stands as a product of the new liberalism; a winding maze of Flemish architecture and cobbled streets made famous for its proliferation of marijuana cafes, hashish bars and red light culture. While not far away, its great rival, Rotterdam, vies with the German mega cities for the title of dance-music capital of Europe; a city of super-clubs and endless nightlife.
If you’ve got the time, ask your Netherlands tourist guide about long term bike rental here. Cycling is easy on the flat lands, and is hailed as the single best way for visitors to sample all the hidden gems of the Dutch countryside; from the sprawling fields of blooming flowers to the ubiquitous dykes and dams of the outer-city canals.

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