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Our group of 4 worked for the first time with Tour HQ, and we were very happy to select Debendra as our guide for the trip to Nepal. He was the only ... More more right

Review for Debendra Acharya, Tour guide in Mount Everest, Nepal

Ich kann Prassan nur empfehlen!!!Er ist ein angenehmer Mensch, ein kompetenter Guide und hat das Herz am rechten Fleck. Er kennt die Berge sehr ... More more right

Review for Prasan Bhattarai, Tour guide in Mount Everest, Nepal

I'm very satisfied with this agency guide services, very good.They helped us to experience amazing trekking trip in Nepal. More more right

Review for Alpine Club Of Himalaya , Tour guide in Mount Everest, Nepal

About Mount Everest

Standing proud at 8848 meters above sea level, Mount Everest is the jewel in the mountain crown of Nepal and the mighty king of all the Himalayas. For centuries its inspired awe and daring in mountaineers like no other place on earth, offering up some of the most dramatic vistas and most arduous tracks on the planet.
The world’s highest peak (and still growing) forms one of twelve trekking peaks within the perimeter of the Sagarmatha National Park. Today, the region is well-known for its endearing local hospitality too, and anyone visiting can experience it first hand while making a pit stop at one of the Sherpa villages to acclimatise to the altitude, or while securing the expert help of a Mount Everest tour guide or hired porters (who are again typically indigenous Sherpas) to transverse the trails properly.
Throughout the year, varying climactic conditions open and close many of the trekking routes, with early spring and mid-autumn proving the most popular with visiting climbers. It’s also at this time that the Khumbu region as a whole blooms and withers respectively, offering would-be visitors one of the most high-altitude spectacles of nature on earth.

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