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From start to finish Hari provides an excellent trek. He is full of knowledge and advice. More more right

Review for Hari Basnet, Tour guide in Lukla, Nepal

I have booked Manaslu circuit trek for 14 days from this company.Lila was astonishing guide who help my Nepal trip memorable.Thanks Three Diamond ... More more right

Review for Three Diamond Adventures Pvt Ltd , Tour guide in Lukla, Nepal

Kaji is a strong, reliable and dependable person . More more right

Review for Kaji Sherpa, Tour guide in Lukla, Nepal

About Lukla

Surrounded by snow-capped Himalayan peaks, Lukla is a gateway for those seeking to reach the highest of all: Mount Everest. Located at 2,860 meters above sea level, the town lies in the stunning Khumbu region of north-east Nepal.

With the closest airport to the famous Basecamp and daily connections from Kathmandu, Lukla is a popular destination for lovers of the great outdoors. There are numerous hotels and guesthouses in town to spend a night in, before strapping on the walking boots, not to mention Lukla tour guides who are eager to reveal some of the most picturesque hiking routes in the area.

For those dreaming to see the Earth’s highest summit with their own eyes, there are plenty of professional outfitters who can guide you to reach the base point of Everest, some 5,000 meters up. Lukla is only a two-day trek away from the mountain village of Namche Bazaar, a popular place to acclimatise before carrying on along the trails that weave deeper into the mystical Himalaya.

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