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About Langtang

Not a city, not a town, not even a seaport, Langtang in Nepal is a National Park located to the north of Kathmandu bordering Tibet. Home to a few thousand Sherpa and Tamang tribes, Langtang is an unheard of paradise blessed with green grass slopes, glaciers and valleys kissed by clouds.  More significantly, it is a gateway to a number of peaks including the mighty Langtang Lirung, whose peak reaches up over 7200 kilometres and hence, a popular destination for the adventurous types. Mountain climbers typically fortify themselves with the expertise of a Langtang tour guide to tackle some of the highest peaks in the Himalayas including Mount Everest and its surrounding peaks. Other than mountaineering, Langtang has a wealth of outdoor activities to tempt visitors. At once alpine and subtropical thanks to its interesting geographical location, wildlife-lovers can go bear spotting and enjoy frantically snapping rarely sighted red pandas, grey langurs and the graceful Impeyan Pheasant in the forested area of the park. A spiritual place, Langtang Park is also a pilgrimage site for devotees making their way to the sacred Hindu Gosainkunda lakes and Buddhist monastery of Kyanjin Gompa.

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