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Sunita is a very kind and enthusiastic guide.  She showed us Bakthapur on our first day, when we were really tired from the long trip. ... More more right

Review for Sunita Poudel Dawadi, Tour guide in Janakpur, Nepal

Did ABC Trek with Nawin back in January 2019. Loved the trip. Nawin was wondeful and had a good command over the hills and trekking route.  More more right

Review for Narayan Ghimire (nawin), Tour guide in Janakpur, Nepal

To Whom It May Concern     Our Nepal tour guide Dinesh Thanju, was truly one of the highlights of our 2 vacations in Nepal. Dinesh was ... More more right

Review for Dinesh Thanju, Tour guide in Janakpur, Nepal

About Janakpur

A city of grandiose temples and lively bazaars, Janakpur, nestled in the beautiful Terai foothills of southern Nepal is a cultural and religious treasure trove of alluring architecture and age-old traditions. Since its earliest beginnings the city has been shrouded in legend, famed for its mythical location as described in one of the most revered epics of Hinduism. It’s perhaps best known for drawing thousands of pilgrims every year to celebrate the various festivals in honour of Sita, who is said to have been born and betrothed on the site where the city now stands.

Your Janakpur tour guide manual will list the Janaki Mandir as the most visited religious site in town, and the largest temple in the whole of Nepal. Dating from the early 20th century, it is relatively new by Hindu standards, but is supremely important as the house of Sita’s golden idol, and highly regarded as one of Janakpur’s finest examples of the unique Rajput building style. The city is also peppered with hundreds of sacred ponds, myth logically and historically significant for the rites and rituals performed by Hindu pilgrims throughout the year. 

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