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The one and only guide I choose when I am in Nepal. Three times he was my guide and at the end I felt like we were childhood friends. Easy to talk to ... More more right

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Did ABC Trek with Nawin back in January 2019. Loved the trip. Nawin was wondeful and had a good command over the hills and trekking route.  More more right

Review for Narayan Ghimire (nawin), Tour guide in Gosaikunda, Nepal

I made with Dawa Kanchenjunga trek and I was very satisfied. Dawa has very good knowledge about trek and  local culture. I can Dawa only ... More more right

Review for Dawa Tseten Gurung, Tour guide in Gosaikunda, Nepal

About Gosaikunda

Writhed in Hindu mythology and set between the snow-topped Himalayas of Langtang National Park, freezing Gosaikunda lake is perched at a whopping 4,380 meters above sea level. Depending on the time of year you see them, its waters will either be a deep cobalt blue, eerily reflecting the stone towers of the surrounding summits, or a brilliant white, dusted with fresh snow plumes and ice.

For trekkers, the site is one of the highlights of the Dhunche-Helambu route, which can be joined in the Kathmandu Valley or started at the trailheads in Syabru Besi. That leads past babbling rivers and showcases panoramic vistas of the Langtang Himal from the tips of Laurebinayak, all before your Gosaikunda tour guide leads the way up to the hidden valley of the lake itself.

And it's not just intrepid types that are determined to reach this long-lost body of water. It's a major pilgrimage site for Hindus, too. Believed to be the celestial abode of Gauri and Shiva, it's connected to famous episodes of the Ramayana and Mahabharata. That brings thousands of devotees up the zig-zagging mountain paths, particularly during the annual Ganga Dussehra celebrations in spring or early summer.

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