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Review for Prasan Bhattarai, Tour guide in Chitwan, Nepal

About Chitwan

Beneath the sea of shala trees and chir pines that spring up en masse from this sprawling national park on the cusp of the Nepalese Himalayas, visitors flock to seek out some of the continent’s most elusive species of wildlife; the formidable one-horned rhinoceros; the kaleidoscopic white-throated kingfisher; the galumphing Asian elephant, and most notably, the critically endangered Bengali tiger.
Start your Chitwan visit by heading to the visitor’s centre at Sauraha, where the displays and sessions provide a good introduction to the natural history of the region. Then, sign up for one of the ubiquitous elephant safaris that plunge deep into the thickets and jungles of the park, searching for the famous wildlife that abounds there. Or why not have your Chitwan tour guide take you canoeing down the Narayani River for a sighting of a riot of bird species perched high above the crocodiles and gharials sunning themselves along its banks. Trekking trails abound too in the Chepang area, where one is amply rewarded with stunning views of mountains and raw natural beauty.
Amidst the nature, there’s also the colourful Hindu pilgrimage site of bikram baba to see, and the curious tribal Tharu villages, with their rustic bamboo walls and endearing local folk.

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