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About Biratnagar

Sharing an international border with India's Bihar State, Biratnagar, the second largest city in Nepal is often overlooked by travelers. The truth is, this spot on the lowland Terai could not be more different than the snow-mantled peaks of the north. A distinct industrial flavor dominates the cityscape, and there is a palpable Indian vibe (thanks largely to the free crossing of people from Jogbani). Instead of ancient temples and stupas, abandoned jute mills and relics of the early 1900s take centre stage here. The best a Biratnagar tour guide could do to introduce you to the local flavour, would be to take you on a rickshaw ride to the street markets at the city centre or a visit to its gardens and colourful temples for a calmer induction. Step out though, and there are the endless tea plantations of Ilam, the large rhodendron forests of Tinjure and Milke, as well as scenic treks out to the snow-topped peak of mighty Kangchenjunga that pull travelers away from the towns into the hills. The vast mud plains of the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve are also great for nature lovers, where the headwaters of the Ganga host crocs and Asian elephants alike.

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