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About Bharatpur

Located in south central Nepal, the city of Bharatpur is the commercial hub as well as district headquarter of the Chitwan district. Its claim to touristic fame however, arises as the gateway to the dazzling jungle of Chitwin National Park. Found at the base of the Himalayas, this 360 square miles of national park enthralls with breathtaking picturesque views, and is home to an estimated 43 species of mammals and 543 types of birds.  Endangered species and exotic creatures thrive in Chitwan; the remaining Bengal tigers and one-horned rhinoceros have found refuge here, while smooth-coated otters find solace in the many creeks meandering through the national park.
While the city is an ideal jump off point for exploring all of Chitwin National Pak’s charm, your Bharatpur tour guide will highlight many a sightseeing opportunity within the city itself. Nepal’s deepest river, Narayani River is a must-see site within the city limits, while many tourists flock to the ornate temples scattered through town. Rickshaws are among the most common mode of transportation in Bharatpur, but local taxis, microbuses and jeeps are readily available for navigating all this city has to offer.

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