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Review for Suman Tamang, Tour guide in Annapurna, Nepal

About Annapurna

The Annapurna Himal has long been one of the world’s most-coveted trekking meccas, a 55 kilometre stretch of jagged peaks, snow-covered plateaus and magnificent mountain massifs that daggers the horizon from the eastern Marshyangdi River Valley to the  Kali Gandaki Gorge in the west.
Situated in the very heartlands of central Nepal, the series of treks on offer here has been hailed as some of the most quintessential in the country, and truly indicative of the raw and rugged mountain beauty that the high Himalayas have come to represent. Ask your Annapurna tourist guide about the famous Circuit route. Taking up to 21 days and encompassing no less than two 8,000-metre high peaks, along with a real myriad of valleys, rivers, high-altitude lakes and other breath-taking natural phenomenon, this route smoothly traverses different climate zones, rendering each visual of the trek unique.
While not as soaring as the ubiquitous Everest range, the Annapurna has proved a much more accessible option for would-be hikers, and is now one of the most-developed, all-in-one trekking destinations in Nepal.

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