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About Namibia

This great chunk out of the body of south-western Africa is a veritable kaleidoscope of natural wonders, from the dry and arid vastness of the Namib Desert in the west, to the skirting regions of Kalahari nearer to Botswana. It’s this gradient of climates and geography that dominates Namibia from its shores to its central highlands, that has made it one of the most promising new arrivals on the African tourist scene.
Naturally, the ubiquitous safari holiday forms the backbone of Namibian tourism, and the accomplished Etosha National Park remains the undisputed kingpin of this in the country. But, there are other outdoorsy pursuits here too, and more intrepid travellers should be sure to ask their Namibia tourist guide about surfing the Atlantic swells in Ovahimba and Swakopmund, or desert hiking in Sossusvlei.
In the capital city of Windhoek visitors enjoy a montage of post-colonial architecture, along with a buzzing central district that’s alive with traditional African gastronomic hotspots and an array of European-influenced historical sites; definitely not to be missed!