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About Sagaing

The gold and white pagodas and temples of Sagaing are its defining feature, as they peek out from the wooded hills above the meanders of the Irrawaddy River. Set in a small enclave between Mandalay and little Inwa, the last couple of decades has seen an urban explosion to the north encroaching towards this mystical ancient capital. But the town’s history and authentic culture prevails. The looming stupa of U Ponya Shin is a case in point, as are the Buddha statues of U Min Thounzeh, done out with inlaid gems and reflective precious metal. There are loads more religious relics for your Sagaing tour guide to show, a remainder of city's golden age when the Sagaing kings first started to raise the golden-tipped temples after the fall of the Pagan Dynasty. Do make it a point to stop and take in the spectacular panoramic views from the pagoda decorated hills before stopping by the main town for a visit to a nunnery or a stroll around the colonial buildings alongside the Irrawaddy!

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