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We had Htin Lin for 2 days during our stay and he brought us around inle lake and hiking the next day. The hike was accompanied by his friend, Win ... More more right

Review for Htin Lin Aung, Tour guide in Pindaya, Myanmar

About Pindaya

Tiny Pindaya is famed for its rustic beauty, carved pagodas and ochre-red sunsets. It’s setting is truly gorgeous, with the Shan Hills on the horizon interrupted by the spiky tops of Buddhist stupas, which find their zenith with the handsome Shwe U Min Pagoda. This great shrine in turn cuts underground to a cave system that's said to be packed with more than 8,000 carvings of the Buddha set in gold. This usually tops the list for Pindaya tour guides, along with treks that centre around cultural interactions with ethnic tribes such as the Danu, Shan and Pa-o. Meanwhile, little street stalls, traditional craft shops (check out the region's famous paper-made umbrella) and spice-scented eateries beckon from all around Pone Taloke Lake, offering the perfect end to a day spent exploring the region.

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