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Review for Htin Lin Aung, Tour guide in Nyaungshwe, Myanmar

About Nyaungshwe

Cradled in a basin of green hills deep in the Shan region, a hodgepodge of timber-built guesthouses and stilted homes make up Nyaungshwe, the favorite gateway to Inle Lake. The town has an important history as a major base of the Shan kings and is now laden with expedition outfitters and Nyaungshwe tour guides, all offering journeys out to the water villages and rustic lake farms the region is so famous for. 

In essence, the town is a bustling backpacker hub. Thousands of adventurers pass through with the draws of Inle Lake on their mind. The upshot? Lively beer bars and hostels fringe the water's edge, providing plenty of places to relax after a boating trip to the stilt hamlets, the aqua tomato farms and the floating bazaars of Ywama and beyond. 

When there, make sure to visit the immersive exhibits of the Museum of Shan Sawbwa, housed in the erstwhile palace of the old Shan chiefs and rulers. On a rainy day, it promises an escape to handsome craft works, centuries-old tribal whittlings, and more, all in the very court rooms where the state of Shan once centered its power. 

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