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About Myanaung

Clinging to the sides of the snaking Ayeyarwady River as it wiggles through the hills and plains of southern Myanmar, Myanaung isn't a usual addition to the backpacker route through Southeast Asia. However, those who do choose a pitstop here, even for just a few days, will be captivated by a small-town vibe, a peppering of pagodas, and encounters with Burma's more rustic and down-to-earth character.

A long-time market center for traders hauling their wares from the big ports on the Bay of Bengal to the higher hills of Shan and beyond, Myanaung still buzzes with life. A walk around with a Myanaung tour guide will reveal craft shops and bazaars, topped off with little guesthouses and homestays and coffee outlets where locals and travelers mingle by the drifting waterway.

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