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About Mawlamyine

“By the old Moulmein pagoda/ Lookin' lazy at the sea”: So goes Kipling’s famous eulogy of Mawlamyine (once known as Moulmein) in his much-read poem, Mandalay. If there ever was a town to inspire a nostalgic embrace of the British times in Burma, surely this one’s it. There’s an undeniably elegiac and idyllic character lurking between the colonial remnants of the Raj that pepper the tree lined streets downtown; this is where yet another famous author George Orwell was inspired to pen down his thoughts about “Shooting and Elephant”. Buddhist stupas poke their way out through the verdant jungle canopies, cobalt channels of the Thanlwin River flow around temple-dotted islands before drifting into the waters of the Andaman Sea, teak trees and rice paddies abound, and earthy homestays beckon with Indian curries, English teas and Chinese noodle dishes alike. That said, Myanmar’s fourth largest city still sits much off the touristic map, with limited accommodation choices, and the glorious sunset views from its waterfront primarily enjoyed by its locals. Should you visit, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised though, as your Mawlamyine tour guide fills your days with prayers at the KyaikThan Lan Pagoda and excursions to Hpa-an, the colossal reclining Buddha Win Sein Taw Ya as well as the beaches and caves around!

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