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About Mandalay

As the commercial center of northern Myanmar and the second largest city in Burma, Mandalay evokes the splendor and prosperity of the Burma of old. Having been built as a home for kings in the 1800s, much of Mandalay’s magnificence has since been destroyed through fast-spreading fires and intense Allied bombing in WWII. Still, the Royal Palace remains as a focal point of the city amidst sprawling grounds now used for military encampments. A visit to the palace’s restored throne rooms and chambers is often a quick stop but much enjoyed visit for anyone exploring the city.
A good Mandalay tour guide would mention the regions’ vast ethnic and cultural diversity, as the city is known for populations of millionaires and monks of various nationalities. Much of the town’s sites sit around Mandalay Hill, a great rise of land surrounded by high walls and a moat. With summer lasting for most of the year between March and November, a hike or motor trek up the hill is a common tourist activity bringing with it welcome views of the city.

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