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We hired "Mr. Gold" Shwe Toe for a boat trip down the Irrawaddy river + additional activities.He met us in Mandalay and organised the end of the trip ... More more right

Review for Shwe Toe, Tour guide in Kyaukme, Myanmar

About Kyaukme

Though nowhere near as busy as its Shan neighbor of Hsipaw, small Kyaukme comes ringed by the same jungle-dressed peaks and deep valleys. Its tin-roofed guesthouses and speckling of gold-topped Buddhist monasteries add a folksy vibe to the town, while countless Kyaukme tour guides offer intrepid expeditions up to the tribal villages that pepper the ridges all around. There are one-, two-, and three-day itineraries for trekss that go into the karst landscapes of the Shan. Along the way, encounter the rustic hamlets of Mam Bawk and the bazaars of Baung Bone – both intriguing villages that have been untouched by the modern age. There are also stunning viewpoints where the jungles give way to sweeping vistas of forest and the occasional pagoda. 

In the center of Kyaukme, things bustle around the Chinese Market, where bamboo crafts burst from the stalls. There's also a group of low-key backpacker bars, along with a sprinkling of Buddhist monasteries with pretty spires and chanting meditators. 

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