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About Bago

Set amidst the rolling hills of central Myanmar, the city of Bago pushes above the teak trees and fishtail palms of the hinterland here with its shimmering array of Buddhist pagodas and monolithic sculpture works. Once the capital of southern Burma, this town now represents one of the most popular day trip destinations from Yangon, and draws crowds of travellers with the promise of traditional religious masterworks in excess.

Amidst the great wealth of ‘must see’ sites, a select few stand out for their grandiosity and historical importance. Be sure to ask your Bago tour guide about the soaring spires of the Shwemawdaw Pagoda glistening in gold hues at 375 feet, and the colossal Shwethalyaung reclining Buddha, which is hailed as the second largest of its kind on the planet. Also worth a visit is the exquisite Kanbawzathadi Palace, where the adorned interior rooms and throne halls afford travellers a glimpse back to the regal grandeur of the old Hantharwaddy Kingdom.

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