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About Mozambique

While Mozambique is slowly becoming a staple of the safari scene, it’s still largely considered one of Africa’s untapped gems. As the birthplace of the famous walking safari and a whole host of other ecotourist pursuits, a Mozambique tourist guide is quick to extoll the virtues of this country’s off-the-beaten-track appeal, where lion spotting and cheetah chasing can still be done in quietude.
In the northern climes of the country, the curious inselberg peaks and lush floodplains of the Lugenda basin represent one of the premier safari spots (famed for its remoteness and wildness), while the Gorongosa National Park at the centre is a perfect example of a Rift Valley habitat.
But it’s not all about safari-going here, and today Mozambique offers a host of other touristic activities. Beach lovers can opt for a spot of diving in the pristine waters of Quirimbas or Bazaruto, or sunbathing on the majestic Tofo coast, while city-lovers shouldn’t miss a stroll down the cobbled streets of the Ilha de Moçambique, or a coffee break at one of the lively cafes in the colonial downtown of Maputo.

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