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Was one of the best  experiences that I had in my life,  beautiful land and beautiful people  and the guide Radouane afaadas the most ... More more right

Review for Radouane Afaadas, Tour guide in Zagora, Morocco

 I had the pleasure of having Hussain as our guide (there were 7 of us). He is knowledgable, humorous and very helpful. He had everything well ... More more right

Review for Houssaine Sliman, Tour guide in Zagora, Morocco

Could not wish for a better tour guide and driver. Excellent all around, easy going, very resourceful, punctual, and always a good conversation. ... More more right

Review for Younes Laamri, Tour guide in Zagora, Morocco

About Zagora

As one of the last bastions of Moroccan civilisation before the great swathes of Sahara sand dunes in the south, Zagora is a town entirely enveloped by the raw nature of northern Africa. A now legendary signpost in the town stands as testimony to its remoteness. Reading “Tombouctou:52 days”, it’s the last spot the more intrepid traveller will pose for a photograph before entering the desert.

Zagora’s multifarious roles as weekend venue for local food bazaars, annual Sufi pilgrimage destination and overnight stop-off for traders on the cross-desert trail have given it a curiously dynamic character. So, while visitors coming here to catch a glimpse of authentic Moroccan country life won’t be disappointed, the myriad of other cultural and religious influences at play are truly alluring in their diversity.

So close to the desert, a Zagora tour guide will advise those looking to make the ubiquitous Moroccan camel ride over the dunes that the town is the perfect place for such an adventure. The imposing plateau of Jebel Zagora Mountain that looms nearby has ample hiking opportunities and an impressive ruined Almoravid castle that makes braving the heat entirely worth it. 

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