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About Todgha Gorge

The vertiginous walls of the Todgha Gorge split the dusty bluffs on the far side of the Atlas Mountains like something off the surface of Mars. They rarely fail to draw a gasp from travelers who pass their way, with deep caverns plumed with spiky palms and bedded with rocky terrain where it seems like no soul has ever ventured before.

They are the result of millennia of attrition from the Todra River, which has created 500-foot-high bulwaks of rugged stone, all of which is now crisscrossed by miles of hiking paths that are ripe for the budding adventurer. At the canyon's base is a trickle of reflective water and a series of narrow rock faults and caves, all ready to be explored and photographed – the best time for that is at dawn, when the light shimmers in ochre-golden hues.

Those who want to learn the immersive human and geological history of the region can head to nearby Tinghir, where most Todgha Gorge tour guides are based. Tamtattouchte is another local village that offers a glimpse at traditional Berber life on the rain-shadow side of the Atlas.

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