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We are a family of 4, boy's age 9, girl´s age 7. We contacted I-tours via TourHQ and planned our tour with Mustafa. The plan was excellent and we ... More more right

Review for I Tours Morocco , Tour guide in Taroudant, Morocco

About Taroudant

Taroudant is oft hailed as the “Grandmother of Marrakech” for its offering of Arabesque, Moorish and Maghrebi styles in a microcosm. Granted this town may lack the iconic sights and Sultan palaces, but there’s something else here that makes it worthy of a visit; an intangible vibe exuding authentic Berber charm. Experience this with a visit to its bustling souks, unarguably the market town’s best draws that overflow with traditional local craft shops, aromatic couscous and tagine holes-in-the-wall, mint-scented teahouses and mud-brick riads. Take some time to wander around the old medina with your Taroudant tour guide, spying out the crenulated Pise (mud) walls and the soaring minarets of the Great Mosque, both courtesy of the Saadi Dynasty. And as you would expect of a city perched between the mighty Atlas ranges and the sweeping sands of the Sahara desert, hit the wilderness for some hiking, or even skiing in Oukaïmeden is a fine option!

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