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About Tangier

An enticing melting pot of people and culture, Tangier is a city brimming with character, from the bubbling night time bazaars of the Grand Socco in the heart of the old medina, to the sprawling business districts and nouveau riche tearooms of the Ville Nouvelle.

Once a hub for international spies and wandering poets who arrived to savour the diversity and clandestine culture of the city, Tangiers to date remains a truly enigmatic place of historical wonders and attractive beachfronts, fresh seafood restaurants and traditional white-washed façades

The Kasbah atop Tangier’s central hill is a veritable ‘must see’ for any visitor to Morocco. Meander through the highly romanticised and mysterious narrow streets of the medina with your Tangier tour guide to access this iconic site of the city. The Grande Mosquée and Petit Socco Square are worth a visit for their unique architectural offerings or daily displays of local life in action. Outside of the old town, the recently constructed port area and a number of newly established museums make this a well-rounded and utterly immersive place to be. 

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