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About Imlil

Set high up on the ridges of the Atlas Mountains, the cascading adobe homes and cottages of little Imlil are now the accepted base point for hikers and mountaineers making their way to the summit of Jebal Toubkal (the tallest in the country at 4167 meters above sea level). Consequently, thousands of adventure seekers pass through the village every year, and countless Imlil tour guides offer trek leading and outfitting services from the town. As you might imagine, the setting is fit to take your breath away (sometimes almost literally, with an altitude of over 1,740 meters up!). Vistas where the Maghreb plains meet the dust-billowing peaks of the High Atlas unfold on all sides, while swathes of walnut plantations and apple orchards flow through the valleys. Tourists can also look forward to unwinding over Berber meals at Kasbah rooftops and scouting for earthy crafts at rustic workshops along the roadway in from Marrakesh. Imlil is also a good stepping-stone to skiing (yes, skiing!) in Oukaïmeden just to the northeast.

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