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About Ifrane

Ifrane channels the vibes of the Piz Bernina up in the Middle Atlas. Its gabled chalets and Swiss-style mountain lodges are a far cry from the steamy Medinas of the Maghreb. Manicured streets and grand resort hotels replace the tile-fronted riads, and views of the ochre-hued mountains sometimes tipped with snow shroud the horizon. During the winter, Ifrane magnetises the unlikely skiers and snowboarders of Morocco to the peaks. It is home to the Michlifen ski station, where the 1 kilometre of groomed piste edges up to over 2,000 meters. When the snows melt, people continue to flock to the Atlas town. After all, the Ifrane National Park is right at the doorstep. Lace up the hiking boots and head there to wander between tall groves of beautiful cedar trees, Algerian oaks and packs of rare Barbary macaques. 

Most Ifrane tour guides are based in the town itself, along with the bulk of guesthouses and alpine lodges. That's also where you will find the Francophone Centre-ville area, home to the carved lion statue – a must-see – and a bustling souk filled with fresh fruits and veg transported up from the lowlands. 

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