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About Essaouira

Surrounded by high walls and off white houses, Essaouira is a typical example of a medina or fortified town. Some may remember Orson Wells in Othello where he was filmed next to the original canons that still guard this windswept town. Finding one’s way through the narrow alleyways with decorative iron mongary and large carved wooden doors can be puzzling and may require the services of a nimble Essaouira Travel guide. With people usually out and about, sipping mint tea, peddling their wares at one of the souks or fishing from the brightly painted blue fishing boats, there is a relaxed laid back atmosphere about the town. After a busy day on the beach kite surfing or wind surfing, why not go for a traditional black soap scrub at the Moroccan steam bath. Clairvoyants, castanet players and musicians wait patiently for the annual Gnaoua World Music festival held in June over a period of three days as well as the Festival of the Atlantic Andalusias in October. For those who love the beauty and peacefulness of nature, go on an eco-friendly walk through the Argan Woods and the Thuya Forests or watch the sunset as it slowly disappears on the sand dunes.

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