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Rashid is an excellent guide. Hugely knowledgable, full of humour, gracious, and extremely attentive. We spent five days travelling to South East Morroco with him. From History, ... more right

Review for rachid moujane, Tour guide in Erg Chegaga, Morocco

It was an unforgettable trip for me to spend 3 days and nights in the desert of southern Morocco with my wonderful guides Khalil, Mohamed, Mustapha and three beautiful ... more right

Review for DesertBrise Travel , Tour guide in Erg Chegaga, Morocco

I had an amazing 5 day trek in the saghro mountains including a Nomad Homestay with Hassan as my guide. The trip was great up to the tiniest detail- food, camps, activity, ... more right

Review for hassan oumaarir, Tour guide in Erg Chegaga, Morocco
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