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About Erg Chebbi

Erg Chebbi is a fine example of the mighty dunes that rise with swirling sand storms on the pre-Saharan steppes of Morocco. It's a sight that's set to take the breath away, creeping up above the horizon in a series of ochre-tinted mounds that shroud the low-lying rock tundra rolling out to meet the Algerian border below.

Many an Erg Chebbi tour guide would be ready to help delve into the remote hamada (the dusty desert environment that dominates this corner of North Africa) in the nearby towns of Erfoud and Merzouga. The latter actually sits right on the fringes of the dunes themselves, making it a great place to join camel rides and expeditions. Riad homes beckon in Merzouga, where palms sprout from the beige-hued sands, while earthy Berber teahouses issue the scents of fresh mint and ginger into the balmy air. 

The surrounding region is perfect for those who are keen on a truly off-the-beaten-path expedition to a rustic Maghrebian oases. There are luxury camping excursions as well to permeant Berber settlements within the dunes, where the stargazing and the isolation in the Sahara is second to none. 

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