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About Chefchaouen

Cascading its way down the ridges of the Rif Mountains in northern Morocco sits postcard-perfect Chefchaouen. This pretty little town of blue and white washed medina walls, authentic Andalusian cottages and winding cobblestone streets can typically be found ticking over to the chatter of keef-smoking cafés, the aromas of earthy Berber tagines and the mellifluous sounds of the Spanish tongue.

For decades Chefchaouen has drawn backpackers and artsy types with the promise of independent guesthouses and off-the-beaten-track charm, not to mention easy access to the hiking routes of the nearby Talassemtane National Park and the rugged peaks of the Rif. Today though, Chefchaouen tour guides cater to any type of traveller; the town touts a restored Kasbah with an adjoining museum, some of the most renowned leatherworkers in Morocco, and a unique historic centre where the towers of old Andalusian churches stand watch over sleepy piazzas.

Chefchaouen also acts as the gateway to some of Morocco’s most interesting natural wonders, with the nearby Ras el Maa Waterfalls acting as a sort of ad hoc local swimming pool, and the Kef Toghobeit cave system representing one of the deepest in all of Africa.

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