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About Casablanca

The Humphrey Bogart classic provided the right dose of romantic mystery to this world famous city called Casablanca! Casa as the locals call it, is the largest city of Morocco and home to some of the most magnificent architecture and warm sandy beaches.

A Casablanca tour guide will first and foremost escort newcomers to the grand Hassan II Mosque; the second-largest mosque in the entire world and one of only two mosques open to non-Muslims.With the world’s tallest minaret, the mosque can be seen from wherever you are in the city.

Casablanca is also home to Morocco’s largest seaport, the Corniche. The promenade, often referred to as the ‘Blackpool of Morocco’ is always filled with people walking, relaxing or eating at one of the many restaurants. This is the nightspot of Casablanca where the nightclubs remain open until the early hours of the morning. To go where the locals go, take the Aïn-Diab coast road for seaside resorts abounding with swimming pools, public and private beaches.

The ravaged city of Old Medina was nearly destroyed completely in 1755, but still remains one of the leading attractions for tourists that come to visit Casablanca. The souks at Old and New Medina offer retail therapy of the traditional kind. For a more modern feel of the city, take a stroll around the Mâarif district or Anfa, the upmarket area along with a visit to the shops and restaurants housed in the arcades of Boulevard Mohammed V. 

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